Octagon Group is a full service government relations and business development firm. We are unique because of our relationship with local government officials and our ability to convey the business interests of our clients.

We provide the synergy between public and private interests. We understand local government dynamics along with a strong understanding of state and federal lobbying practices.

government relations

business development

Representation of our clients at the state and federal level is another service we provide. Sometimes crafting or changing legislation is the only way to help further our clients’ interests.

The Octagon Group will actively engage our contacts in helping our clients legally obtain contracts competitively in areas where they have a small business footprint or where they are not acclimated to the regional demographics.

public relations

municipal financing consulting

The Octagon Group always wants to help market our clients. We strive to protect and enhance their image and we campaign aggressively to control the dialogue as it pertains to our clients.

The Octagon Group helps connect municipalities with top certified clerks in the state to help develop their current clerks’ skill set and to also help develop the municipal budget for any given year.


The growth of a municipality is critical to its local economy. We can provide the best annexation attorney and legal advice to give a government subdivision a strong chance of being successful in court.

Dr. Saliba Mukoro
International Relations
Andrea Freeze
Municipal Finance VP
Mercedes Lott
Public Relations VP